• Emily Flynn

Written in Ink - Quick Review

Book Description

Everything he has built his life and future on has been torn away.

Cash McCall has loved Dr. Renee Dawson for half his life. Although they’ve talked about a future together, she has never believed it was the right time for them to get engaged. Now she has ended their relationship, and he has no idea why.

Everything Renee worked so hard for is in jeopardy. One agonizing decision has changed everything, and she has been forced to shatter the heart of the man she loves. And her own.

The extremist militant group The Arm is on a mission. Its leader doesn’t care how many innocent lives are lost in the pursuit of the group’s end goal, and Renee has seen something she was not supposed to see.

If Cash can’t get to her in time, Renee could end up in the crosshairs of the terrorists, and he may lose her—and any chance at the life he’d always envisioned—forever.

Book Review

I want to start out by saying I wrestled with the beginning of this book. The subject matter is deep and can be triggering. I wasn't prepared for what I was reading and I put it down. I found a lighter book and then came back to it. Then something amazing happened, I knew what I was getting into and found myself absorbed in the story. It was faith building and I felt God in the pages. I felt that this was a story that would help someone find their faith.

I think the relationship and struggles of Cash and Renee were enough to drive a good story that the terrorist plot wasn't as necessary, but it didn't detract from the overall purpose and feel of the story. It just seemed unnecessary.

I liked how the perspective shifted to side characters as well and it added to the richness of the faith journey of the main characters, though the side characters could have a story of their own.

This was a respectful and honest take on some very difficult subject matter and I commend the author for her treatment of it.

I received an eARC through the publisher and this is my honest review.

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