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Song of Salzburg - Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway


When talented violinist Freya Winter is chosen to take part in a musical celebration alongside some of the best instrumentalists in the world, she is thrilled. Performing in front of royalty is a breathtaking opportunity, but her true motivation for traveling to Salzburg is to fulfill an unlikely dream: to meet and train under the renowned Salzburg Maestro, a master musician shrouded in mystery.

Freya travels aboard the Orient Express to practice with the newly formed orchestra in Salzburg, and nothing can distract her—not her mother’s illness, nor her father’s domineering ways; however, when a handsome passenger becomes a regular fixture on her journeys, Freya feels her focus blurring. Conversation with Erich is easy, and their shared love of music draws them undeniably closer. But even as they open their hearts to each other, the harsh realities of her family life intrude on the future she’s envisioned, and Freya feels her dreams slipping through her fingers, threatening to rob her of everything she cherishes most.


In this series they definitely saved the best for last and that is saying something. The music really spoke through the pages. The rich descriptions had me right there with Freya and feeling the music as she played it.

I have read other books by this author and each one is refreshingly different from the last. The stories find new ways to surprise me and draw me in. Even the characters outside of Freya and Erich have life and find ways to endear me to them or in the case of one character, make me want to slap them. While it is easy to figure out the "main" mystery, it doesn't giveaway everything until the end. There are still aspects that we figure out with Freya.

Erich is everything you want in a hero. He is honorable and just a little mysterious.

I was pleased to see Easter Eggs from the other books in this series as well as from the author's other stories. This was a perfect ending to this beautiful series, though I would hope for it not to end. There is just something magical about the Orient Express and the Paris Exposition.


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