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New Wine Transportation Company Review Tour


Can a holy mission change Springville for the better? Springville Community Christian Church is nestled in the foothills of North Carolina in a quiet, Mayberry-esque community. But when a ruthless businessman from out of town sets his sights on quaint downtown Springville as the perfect location to open a bar, the town’s calm is disturbed and the church’s pastor is pulled into the chaos. Pastor Daniel Whitefield seeks only to do the will of God. Nothing more, nothing less. When he’s pressured to join the Springville League of Churches—a coalition in protest of the bar—he resists, causing tension with friends and congregants. Daniel further risks his credibility by organizing a taxi service for the bar’s customers, as a way to witness of God’s love to them. The seven members of New Wine Transportation Company are excited to minister in their community, despite the naysayers, but as damaging rumors about the pastor and his wife spread, Daniel begins to question the project. Is it worth the risks involved? And can they really make a difference by giving folks a ride home after a night out drinking? Maybe there’s more at stake than they know.


This is not a story about wine. The title would make you think that, but what this is about is a ministry and the choice to respond.

Background, New bar moves into a little town. The minister of one of the churches doesn't join in with the others to protest the bar. Instead he creates a ministry where they transport people home if it is needed. All Volunteer with the hopes of reaching people with Christ.

This was a beautiful story, it was touching and heartwarming. It hit all the right notes with paths to redemption, friendship, and forgiveness. There was also a little mystery to be solved along the way. This was an unexpected read for me and I would read it again.

This one is all heart and growth and those can be the best kind of stories.

I received an early copy and this is my honest review.

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