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Hannah - Blog Tour and Giveaway

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Journey back in time to the dusty roads of Shiloh and witness anew the story of Hannah and her son, Samuel.

Hannah is no longer a young woman. In the twilight of her life, she holds her memories close to her heart. Above all, she treasures the miracle of conceiving Samuel after years of barrenness and the promise she made to the Lord to release her child to the high priest Eli’s care to train and serve in the temple. But Samuel’s story does not end at the gates of the temple and neither does his family’s enduring legacy of faith, patience, and deliverance. In this richly detailed and sweeping fictional account of Samuel’s life as a prophet in the making, discover how his mother, Hannah, made impossible decisions guided by her deep and abiding love of God.


I wasn't sure what to expect beyond the Bible story we know. Hannah prayed for a child and promised that child to the Lord. Simple, right?

This story encompasses what happened after that decision and after Samuel was given to be a priest. The details of the time period have given me a richer understanding of what the Israelites faced at that time. I was transported to their time and traditions.

I saw the interactions between Hannah and Elkenah and their righteousness and their righteous desires for their son. I realize as history, many of the details are lost, but I trust this author to research well and give me the feeling of the story even if some of the truths and details are lost to time.

I can only imagine what it was like for Hannah to give her firstborn to the Lord and the temple when she didn't live in the same city. My youngest is 9 so the mother's feelings are real regarding the time he was sent to live and serve in the Temple.

Also, in this book is the story of a family, a story of love, and a story of a people. I love these Biblical fiction stories as they add depth to my understanding by bringing the stories to life.

I received an early copy from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest review.


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