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Daughter of Eden - Review

I wrestled with this story based on my own feelings regarding Eve and her role as mother of all living. I found the perspective of the author to be unique and brought a lot of detail and feeling based on very limited source material. The author used the words to paint a lovely picture of the garden as well as a picture of the challenges that came after the fall. I empathized with a woman that had to give birth with no supports aside from her husband because there was no one else. This story evoked many feelings and brought me to the Bible to find answers to questions I had during the reading. The story was well written even though my own perspective left me unsettled. I suppose that is the purpose when we are looking at scriptural stories. The story explores the same feeling that we all struggle with, knowing of God's love for us, individually. That message shines through. I was given an early copy from the publisher through NetGalley and this is my honest review

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